About Us

The next time you see a Whataburger® restaurant in Longview or Marshall, remember we're open for you 24 hours a day, every single day except Christmas. Our goal is to always serve hot, fresh hamburgers and other delicious food in a family-friendly atmosphere. We love to make our famous burgers to your satisfaction, just like you like it and we're proud of the Whataburger tradition, especially in East Texas! We're a homegrown restaurant brand, which is owned, operated and staffed by people who live right here in Longview and Marshall.

Whataburger loves kids and families, so please bring yours! For us, there is nothing better than to see a family enjoying their meal at Whataburger. Our customers are really friends and neighbors. That's one reason Whataburger of East Texas is proud to support many local community organizations and worthy causes that benefit the people we serve.

Yes, Whataburger restaurants make fresh burgers and great food, but there is much more to our company. We expect a lot from our employees and consider them our own extended family. Whataburger hopes to instill a sense of belonging and loyalty in each person who works for us. As a company founded on the Christian principles of kindness, honesty and respect for others, we hope our employees embrace these principles and share them with our customers.

Our Story

Our story began when a good East Texas family man, known as Sam Black, opened the first Whataburger in Tyler in 1955. Known to the company as "Unit 32," Mr. Black's restaurant was only the 32nd Whataburger to open its doors anywhere. This made him one of the earliest Whataburger franchisees.

As sure as Whataburger Unit #32 set the tone for East Texas, Mr. Black's daughter and son-in-law, Roy and Phyllis Haase, carried that tradition forward through the years, opening all of the Whataburger locations you enjoy today in Longview and Marshall. Whataburger Unit #38 opened in 1965 off Spur 63 in Longview. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the building in 1991. Showing the grit and determination of the Haase's, the store was rebuilt from the ground up in a record-setting 30 days!

In 1969 Roy and Phyllis Haase purchased Whataburger Unit #48 at 2010 Victory Drive in Marshall. It is one of the original "A" frame buildings – a Whataburger trademark. Unit #48 on Alpine Drive in Longview opened in 1972 and featured the very first Whataburger drive-thru window. The Haase's purchased and opened many more units through the years – 16 locations in all – with the latest one (Unit 978) opening on Highway W 80 in White Oak. Plans are being made for further expansion in the market, so don't be surprised when you pass a brand new Whataburger!

No matter how many units we open, you can be assured that Whataburger of East Texas will always approach our business with the same Christian values upon which we were founded. Yes, our company strives to serve great food day in and day out, but we also feel that our responsibility as a company and as East Texans goes way beyond that. We hope you always find delicious food in an atmosphere of genuine respect and care when you visit any one of our locations in East Texas. That's what you deserve.
Unit 38
Unit 38 - N. Spur 63, Longview
First Opened In 1965

Unit 48
Unit 48 - Victory Dr. Marshall
Original "A Frame" Built In 1969

Unit 556
Unit 556 - E. End Blvd.
Marshall • Opened in 1991

Unit 700
Unit 700 - S. Eastman Rd.
Longview • Opened In 1997

Unit 850
Unit 850 - N. 4th St., Longview
Opened In 2003

Unit 877
Unit 877 - Gilmer Rd., Longview
Opened In 2004

Unit 939
Unit 939 - E. Harrison Rd.
Longview • Opened In 2007

Unit 978
Unit 978 - W Hwy 80
White Oak • First opened 2009

Unit 1029
Unit 1029 - N Wood St.
Gilmer • First opened 2012

Unit 1029
602 W. Main St.
Hallsville • First opened 2014